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Brussels attacks: I feel sorry but…

The articles that are blunt and truthful rarely get published as neither the people nor the media is in the habit of talking about the plain and simple truth, a blog wouldn’t be taken as a blog unless the writer has sugar coated all the facts. Well, it isn’t always possible. The writers are always expected to do justice to the situations without mingling the facts with presumed scenario. So yesterday when I heard about the Brussels attack and the number of causalities I felt really sorry not just because so many innocent lives were lost but due to the fact that so many innocent citizens had to pay for a crime they didn’t commit and just like always; the one who walked on foot had to pay for the decisions that were taken by some other people.

Brussels attack

It’s a very radical perspective that I’m going to propose and most of the ‘humanist’ writers might even end up calling me savage or an animal. But what I’ve always observed is that everything has a root cause. All the minor disturbances that Europe is experiencing these days are the ones that Europe itself brought upon its people. What was Belgium thinking when it signed the blood pact with US to play a very ‘vital’ role in conducting air strikes on some parts of Iraq? Though Belgium backed out in mid 2015; when they realized the ineffectiveness of coalition and its operation. As the coalition forces struck only those fronts which threatened Western interests, the military aviation wasn’t fighting terrorism out of the need to fight evil but based on the narrow self interest of the parties involved. But were Belgians really thinking that they can jump into a fire pit and come out unhurt? Either they are too dumb or too careless. The coalition airstrikes killed approx 1500 IS terrorists out of hundreds of thousands and 500 civilians, surely the number of civilian causalities is reduced 10 folds, but for the sake of convenience lets go with their molded facts. But it’s so bizarre to even think that all these first world nations thought that they can actually extinguish terrorism through airstrikes.

Brussels attacks

A systematized terrorist organization like IS, which has its roots all over the world, and is considered one of the few terrorist organizations that have both means and the manpower to carry out such an attack in a European city, at such scale. It seems that IS was basically just waiting for the right time and place to strike back, and like a shrewd game player it attacked on the sites that were advantageous and expedient in the promotion of fear across the Europe.

Sometime ago it was discovered that Abdeslam, the suspected partner of the ring leader of the Paris attack, was a Belgian citizen and somehow slipped through the French boarder during the lockdown, unnoticed, though the Belgian PM Charles Michel was aware that the threat of an attack was imminent after the raid that ensnared Abdeslam in Brussels, numerous other raids also uncovered various IS militants hiding in the city’s suburbs.

Despite this, the Belgium govt. did not act and allowed circumstances to take their turn. God knows what they were waiting for. The timing of the attacks appear to be very astonishing, right after a couple of days when Abdsalem was caught; the Brussels attacks shook the faith of European security.

Besides in Brussels attacks, the number of casualties is intentionally kept in two-digits, which is good though, but people aren’t that foolish you know. Places like airports and metro stations are always jam-packed, and as told by the survivors, there were “huge explosions”, ceilings were shattered etc, so I personally don’t think that two-digits would do justice. Well, we are all aware that the Western media, like always, plays a dominant role in forging everything.

These Brussels attacks have blatantly questioned Europe’s ability to cope with terrorism. Not only Europe but the entire world has to reassess their security procedures to ensure another attack like this won’t happen again. May God protect us all.

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