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SATIRE: CID launches search operation for Rohit Shetty’s brain

A satirical blog on how Rohit Shetty must have lost his marbles during the shoot of Dilwale.

Sony Entertainment’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) on Thursday announced the launch of a full-scale search operation for Rohit Shetty’s brain after receiving a large number of complaints regarding the actor/director’s missing body part by cine goers who watched his latest directorial venture Dilwale. .

ACP Pradyuman while talking to media personnel, said that he too watched Dilwale and can feel the pain it would have inflicted on the masses that spent their hard-earned money on cinema tickets to watch a movie which seemed to have nothing original but a song.

“I received an email in which a viewer, who also happens to be a doctor, claimed that he can bet that absolutely no amount of wisdom, creativity or intellect was used to make the movie and watching it in the cinema, can also damage other people’s brains,” said the ACP.

One complainant claimed that even the news regarding the movie was damaging to many a people’s lives, people like Bhansali and Cheetan Bhagat fainted when they heard Varun Dhawan compared the movie to Nolan’s ‘Inception’, claimed Daya, the ACP’s assistant.

“Look we found evidence that it is after meeting and working with Shetty that Varun’s brain was affected and he made such a remark,” said Daya.

Abhijeet too could not stay silent and said that people shared videos clearly showing how total scenes were copied from Hollywood movie ‘Mission Impossible’ and TV show ‘How I met your mother’, even that dialogue “Hum Shareef Kya Huay Puri Dunya Badmash Hogai” was some Facebook geek’s idea, the poster was copied from ‘The Best of Movie’ and Varun’s entry too was copied from a BMW advertisement.

ACP claimed that they have launched this operation in all of India and have also contacted Interpol and other international agencies to help them in this brainhunt for “you know he may have lost it in any of the places that song GERUA was shot.”

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