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4 reasons why we need the PSL to happen in Pakistan

1. The kind of crowd Pakistan produces , no other place in the world can

We all have seen & witnessed what a jubilant & energetic crowd Pakistan produces, be it domestic T20 leagues or any international match played in the past. The world has seen what a joyful nation we are despite all the turmoil the country is going through, not to forget last year’s Pakistan vs Zimbabwe series which had turned out to be a classic.

2. The world could be taken into confidence regarding the security situation in Pakistan

Having said that , the Zimbabweans had departed with a sense of security & no issues were encountered during their stay, so for all those folks who think Pakistan cannot host something like the PSL then they should reconsider.

3.  We are quite the hospitable nation

Us Pakistanis are known for being immensely hospitable, from our rich food to arguably anything a guest could dream for , everything is offered before the guest can even ask.  From parathas & lassi to any continental dish, we have it all , with a touch of Pakistani spice. You know what I’m talking about!

4. Can be a great incentive for our cricket

Since the absence of international cricket in Pakistan, many lucrative series which could have been held in our country were played in Dubai , & due to that, less income was generated. After PSL , through domestic leagues or international matches Pakistan can once again climb the ladder of success & invest in infrastructure hence producing more & more talent.

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