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‘Dewaar e Meherbaani’–a positive initiative indeed

In the lives of nations, there comes a time when government legislations and district authorities take a back pedal, as individuals start taking up initiatives. It could happen at the expense of lawlessness as is witnessed by the activities of outlawed religious and political organisations, but it could also come forth with optimism and compassion, as we are now observing through the valiant efforts of those behind the first ‘Dewaar e Meherbaani’ in Peshawar.

The idea originated in Iran where local activists set up a wall of kindness where people deposited extra clothing, food and anything that could come in handy for the poor. There was no definition of poor, whoever thought their need could be met by the things present, was permitted to take it. Fortunately for us, this idea was copied by four young men in Peshawar and looking at the success, it has spread all over Pakistan, in cities like Lahore and Islamabad.

The important thing to note here is that, this is completely owned by the people, and operating for the people. There is no hassle of transparency as it does not involve money but actual physical items that can be used at the get to go. Another great thing is the fact that people are not bothered about the criteria of the deserving. Whoever wants it can take it, irrespective of his/her current status or class in society. It could be a wealthy traveler in need or a poor street beggar from the slums, there are no constrictions.

I believe this is an outstanding initiative that needs to be replicated by anyone and everyone who is willing to take up a hammer and hook. If we can establish setups like these, eventually there will come a time that no one sleeps hungry or needs clothes. Food, cloth and shelter is the basic necessities each one of us is entitled to and if we are in a position to uphold that not only for ourselves, but also for others, let’s not lag behind.

An ode of the best to the masterminds behind this project, because this is real change. Not only developing the sense of compassion and empathy within ourselves but also reciprocating it through actions and implementing it in our daily lives. May the idea prosper and spread far and wide so no child, man or woman is deprived of the necessities that life comes with Insha Allah.

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