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Fight terrorism firmly, rather than creating diversions!

It was just after the first anniversary of APS Peshawar incident, when they hit us back and this time, it was Bacha Khan University. With dozens injured and 21 martyred – Pakistani nation was back in the posture of deep grief and anguish. This time, a reel was scrolling in front of our eyes, reminding us on the blooded floor, grained walls and riddled bodies. The nation once again felt misery and exhaustion – a feeling which comes when you see people dying despite having power and resources.

Attack on Bacha Khan University ended with condemnations, the bereaved affected and moments of sheer silence. History would repeat itself so early, was never an expectation. Nation thought of APS Peshawar incident as one last lash from terrorists but there was more to come. Besides cold bloodshed, there is nothing common in the terror incident of APS and BKU. The NAP is not being implemented in letter and spirit. But we do see schools, colleges and universities shutting down as terror threats pile on.

Isn’t proscribed and extremists organizations still working in Pakistan? Don’t we see supporters of Maulana Abdul Aziz posing threats as a consequence of action against Maulana or Lal Masjid? Aren’t people from government negotiating with Maulana for bail before arrest to deter any action? Isn’t it the police that protects Lal Masjid but not protesters in any procession? These are harsh and indigestible facts, showing elite national support for violent actors.

There exists an inside support for terrorists organizations in Pakistan or otherwise they wouldn’t have been 70,000 people killed. But injustice doesn’t stop here, it continues. After heavy human losses, we are bound to see educational losses. It is the absolute incompetence of authorities who have failed in assuring security, seeing a way out in shutting schools, claiming cold wave as the reason.

This strategy simply implies justified space for malafide mindsets but not those who are seeking best for national good. Ironyic, isn’t it? Shutting down of schools somehow assures acceptance of an ideology enforced on us through guns. This ideology wins every moment when people are killed in bloodshed and national resolve goes down the drain. It moves a mile every moment when NAP is left unimplemented and NACTA remains ineffective — mocking national resolve every minute!

Certainly, changing routes is not a viable strategy to fight terrorism. For how long, creating diversions and regressions in our lives would prove to be a successful strategy? Not long, I believe. And what pinches is the fact that only common man is paying the heavy cost of these reversions, not the elite which indirectly support an ideology by failing to protect us.

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