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The Whole Calendar is Black! – Still not the Last Part!

Yes it’s a sad fact that in Pakistan ‘The whole calendar is black’! I wrote the blog under this title a few months before and it had 2 parts. The second part I suffixed with ‘Last Part’. But after this Bacha Khan University incident it is clear that there is NO last part of this black calendar! Every morning when you see a calendar for day and date, somewhere in some corner of Pakistan there is ‘blood’ pouring on streets and in schools. There is a blast, target killing and the most brutal mass murdering, be it the massacre of innocent children of APS Peshawar, Safoora Bus Attack, lynching and mobbing of minorities or now the recent attack on Bacha Khan University – Charsadda. Every day is now becoming a black day in the calendar of Pakistan. Each date in the ‘Pakistani calendar’ is a black mark or ‘anniversary day’ of martyrs. I have written these lines in the very first part of the blog, and repeating here again as this is how the ‘chronology of Pakistan’ is shaping!
The wounds of APS Peshawar were still fresh when another educational institution got attacked. And still there is no guarantee that it is the last attack on our soil, as the new released video by terrorists has warned further such incidents in educational institutions across Pakistan. So the question is, shall we start getting ‘used to’ seeing the scenes of our children, our students slaughtered, their blood spilling on floors? Their bodies piled in the corner or scattered on ground? Our teachers, professors and security guards laying down their lives, saving the children and making their own children orphans?
The heart weeps and blood boils with anger, pain and sorrow after seeing coffins of children and students loading and unloading from trucks and ambulances, their funeral processions with flowers showered, the howls and cries of mothers and then finally, of the martyrs who are laid in graves as ‘Shaheeds’ by their old fathers. Then we see condemnations, same old statements that are hollow in meanings and effects and hashtags on social media that are no more among the new top trends. Then the blame game starts with guns pointed towards Pakistan Army. How we completely forget the sacrifices of Pakistan Army officers who risk their lives in APS or BKU operations for our safety. What is more pathetic is while mocking ISPR songs and Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the morons don’t realize their own mistake, which was voting these thug politicians who in their shells harbor terrorists and have connections with such networks for their own evil agendas. Deliberately or not, but they fail to understand that the National Action Plan made after APS is still not being implemented. That the government is the main hindrance in the functioning of military courts. On the floor of the Parliament, Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid is favoured. No questions from the ‘champions of democracy’?
The Whole Calendar Is Black
In the recent press conference, DG ISPR Lt. General Asim Saleem Bajwa briefed that five facilitators who are also terrorists involved in Bacha Khan University attack are identified with four of them being arrested and shown to the media. So the Army and the intelligence organizations are doing their job. All we have to do is show unity and strength as stated by DG ISPR in the press conference to fight with this menace of terrorism by mending loopholes in the society as terrorism cannot be fought while there are facilitators and accomplices within ourselves. No doubt since 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan, Afghan soil is used as proxy for waging attacks in Pakistan. And here in Pakistan, there are debates of ‘Good and Bad Taliban’!
Pakistan is facing many threats both external and internal. External we have seen as whenever any attack occurs in India, they blame it on Pakistan. On the contrary, we heard in the press conference by Asim Bajwa where he said that at no point we have blamed the Afghan government for the Charsadda attack. It was said that the planning of the attack was made in Afghanistan. It shows the conduct of Pakistan that India should learn from as it was Indian’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who warned Pakistan after Pathankot Attack and we saw its outcome. He said:
“Those who harmed us will feel the same pain. The time and place should be of our choosing”.
The internal threat are those people inside Pakistan, who are working as agents for external forces by selling their patriotism, their faith for money and thus facilitating terrorism within Pakistan. We should first root out extremism from Pakistan that breeds terrorism. War against terrorism is our own war. I will repeat again my stance that I, in almost every blog of mine, mention that had this nation supported General Pervez Musharraf in the beginning when operation against terrorists first started, then today the shape, the chronology of Pakistan would be much different from what it is today.
Internationally we have seen our value. There is no ‘Je Suis’ term for Pakistan. No flag filters for DPs , no change of DPs and no turning of any building in the world to green or white in solidarity with us. Why would anyone bother about us as terrorism has become a ‘normal term’ now with the word ‘Pakistan’ despite that we are a nuclear power? So the whole responsibility is on us that we have to fight this war with unity, among ourselves and unconditional support to Pakistan Army to eliminate terrorism from Pakistani soil once and for all in this year 2016. Otherwise if we let it go, we will be weak and we should not let this happen, not let the evil designs to be successful so that never ever any SEQUEL of APS Peshawar occurs again!
The Whole Calendar Is Black
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