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Is India’s Increasing Influence in Afghanistan a threat for Pakistan?

A blog on how India is increasing its influence in Afghanistan, which could be a worrying sign for its neighbour Pakistan.

On 25th December 2015 during his speech at the time of inaugural ceremony  of Afghanistan parliament which was constructed with support of  220 million USD provided by Indian government PM of India Modi said “Indians remember the support of Afghans for our freedom struggle; the contribution of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, revered as ‘Frontier Gandhi’. Within one month of his visit to Afghanistan the incident of attack on Bacha Khan University which is on the name of frontier Gandhi in Charsada happened. According to official sources the mobile sims the militants used were issued from Afghanistan. So this attack on the future leaders of Pakistan was fully planned and controlled from Afghanistan. So the question which comes to my mind is, what is the link of Modi’s statement about Bacha Khan in Afghanistan and the attack on Bacha Khan University?

After the incident of Pathankot Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement is on record in which he clearly stated Pakistan should be ready as we will take the revenge of Pathankot incident. The time and destination  will be chosen by us accordingly, he had said. Soon after tha,t the incident of Bacha Khan University took place. The increasing influence of India in Afghanistan and their massive investment in different projects depicts their foreign policy to handle Pakistan from Afghanistan. India, by increasing its influence in Afghanistan, wants to destabilize Pakistan.

On 30th January 1948 founder of India Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu nationalist. This was the murder of the personality who fought a war of independence against British rule for his own people. Abdul Ghaffar Khan was born in 1890 in Uthmanzai near Charsadda in the Frontier. He is also known as Bacha Khan or frontier Gandhi.  He was given this name for his social work and peaceful ideology just like Mahatami Ghandhi, who believed in a peaceful and non violent movement for rights. Bacha khan established thousands of educational institutions in frontier to uplift the standards of Pakhtun tribesmen sensing that the main problem in this region was lack of education and incessant feuds. His opinion was only the weapon of education can bring a real change in the lives of people and this is the only way for Pakhtuns to get rid of social evils to make their region prosper.

January 20, 2016 was his 28th death anniversary when terrorists attacked Bacha Khan University in Charsadda. Hindu nationalists didn’t forgive Mahatma Ghandi and now they took revenge by assassinating the students who were studying in Bacha Khan University. Bacha Khan University was attacked in the same way as Army Public School was on 16th December 2014.

Our enemy has put our educational institutions on their priority hit list. Their objective is to make our children terrified to keep them away from education. The chain of incidents from Peshawar Army Public school to Bacha Khan University required an immediate attention of the government and should be addressed on prompt basis to secure the future of next generations of Pakistan.  For this purpose National Action Plan should need to be fully implemented and also some amendments need to be made in it accordingly. Afghanistan should also need to be included in National Action Plan as we are already aware of the AFPak term. India’s increasing influence in Afghanistan also needs to be tackled by starting some development projects in Afghanistan. The peace in Pakistan is directly linked with peace in Afghanistan.

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