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Yet another terrorist attack–it’s high time we take charge!

How long? My heart bleeds, nerves shatter and mind ponders when I ask this question from the ruling elite, politicians, decision makers and especially from those whose bread and butter and main job is to keep protecting our motherland and its people from getting hurt. How long will you keep seeing your country suffer? How many lives would be able to convince you that we have had enough? When will you stop accumulating wealth, ignoring masses? National Action Plan, my dear document, this nation needs another 15 years to act on you and to decide who’s with us and who’s against us.

We’ve grown up seeing bloodshed and intolerance all around us. The civilian governments over the years have kept telling us that we’ve been fighting someone else’s war and it’s not ours; we believed you while seeing our people dying and hoping someone else will put an end to it. It has taken us a decade-long contemplation and analysis to realize that discreetly someone has made it ours.  No, in fact,it’s us who has brought it on to ourselves by being complacent and by being in collusion with those who have been busy plundering the nation while sitting in assemblies and protecting democracy during all this chaos. You all are responsible for what we are facing today; you’ve let us down by obeying the awful conditions and by staying self-centered all these years. You all have betrayed us by nurturing the terrorists under your nose in your political parties, seminaries and by supporting banned outfits; thinking that they could be one our defense lines during times of war.

Look where we stand! Your strategies have backfired. We might have lost a few hundred thousand people during terrorist attacks but don’t you see the people who are surviving while witnessing such massacres, are loosing their minds? But why would you care? You are proud of the wealth that you’ve accumulated across the globe which is enough for many of your generations to come and why would such incidents make you think differently, as these should keep happening so that you have the justification for more funds from within and form the international lobbies.

Don’t give us false hopes when you can’t handle the job assigned to you. The least we expect from you all is to be truthful to yourself and your nation and say that you can’t handle it. By God, we the 99% would take it up for you and protect the 1% who is afraid to take decision or is enjoying being hostage to “strategic thinking”. We would prefer dying  for you and for the rest rather than living day in and out seeing our children, brothers and sister giving their lives to the terrorist attacks without being able to protect themselves.

Declare war and let us take charge!

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