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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a game changer

Balochistan the largest province of Pakistan by land is always in the news about terrorism and killings of innocent civilians and armed personnel. There are so many speculations about the factors involved behind the mess which is currently faced by the locals out there. Few say that these militants are in fact freedom fighters that are working to separate Balochistan from Pakistan, as the government is biased and not giving attention to their problems. One more narrative is that foreign intelligence agencies are involved in this and they are trying to destabilize Pakistan through such maneuvers. Both narratives are correct but interlinked with each other. The Government has been giving the due budget to Balochistan but the Sardars out there never spent a single rupee for the welfare of the people and through that money, they raised their own armies and kept everyone in the dark. This is what the ground reality is and no one can deny this fact when he or she has a bit of knowledge about the current situation and factors behind it.

Balochistan was never like this, these are the militants which have made the situation worse. Currently there have been targeted, ethnic and sectarian killings in most of the cities but the situation is getting better day by day. Since Pakistan started working on Gawadar seaport project, anti-Pakistan forces have become active to destabilize the province in order to stop the work of seaport, since it is of utmost importance geographically. If Gawadar became operational, then East Asia and Middle East will get a short passage for trade which will benefit commerce because of Pakistan’s warm waters. China is also investing through the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) which will help to make Balochistan progressive. India has been funding terrorists from BLA, BSO, BLF etc just to make sure that peace is not established in the province.

CPEC is going to be a game changer in this situation, Since there is a lot of investment in infrastructure and other development projects which will bring Balochistan and its people into the central circle and will help to remove the misconception spread by the sardars and other negative elements which are present in the society and have been a front line vocalist in main stream media. International powers have been viewing this economic corridor and its impacts very keenly and there have been so many misguiding reports to manipulate the facts and to make it controversial. Pakistan’s armed forces and state have been working a lot to make this project successful because this project will change the internal and external dynamics of the foreign policy. India is the only country which has been deeply stressed with this project and trying its level best to put hurdles in it but by seeing the progress and steps by both China and Pakistan, CPEC is going to prove a nightmare for India.

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