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How and why events like Karachi Kings launch will bring back the city’s peace

Pakistan for more than a decade has been a victim of grave problems like terrorism, target  killings and poor governance. Its economic hub Karachi has seen the worst form of insecurity. The country has hardly witnessed any entertaining activities that divert people’s attention towards something else rather than negative activities. As PCB is going to launch its first ever T20 league, this has brought some excitement to the people of Pakistan in a very long time. Participating teams have revealed their teams and logos in different ceremonies held by them, such as that of Lahore Qalandarss. And now the leading PSL team Karachi Kings, which is the team of Pakistan’s economic hub Karachi, held its launching concert in the National Stadium of Karachi. This brought a lot of happiness and joy to the people of Karachi, as they had been waiting for such an activity to take place in the city since a very long time. This would divert Karachiites’ attention towards some excitement and passion from the news of death, horror street crimes and terrorism that have now become a symbol for Karachi unfortunately.

With the Rangers’ operation in the city , peace has returned to a great extent yet people were missing the days of the past when sports activities happened in the city. This launch event not only helped PSL gain its momentum but also provided an opportunity to the people to feel secure in their city and live fearlessly. With Governor Sindh and DG Rangers’ participation in the concert, it also sent a clear message to the international community that now Pakistan is very much a safe country for sports, as masses here desperately wait for sports activities to happen in the country, especially in Karachi. Karachi’s peace can not only be brought back with security operations, though that is necessary too, but also by arranging activities like this launch concert that makes the people of Karachi feel comfortable. Credit should be given to the organisers of the event, Mr. Salman Iqbal and his marketing team.

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