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The simplicity of life–why do we negate it?

How do we look at life, as a matter or soul builder that profoundly resides in every one of us? When we see the existing blockage in our soul’s path, then we want to terribly diminish and distinguish ourselves from others. This kind of undesirable divinity starts to spread like a disease, which develops into something more deathly. The ultimate desires for material are put before everything, especially relations of every type. The scrutiny and then the guilt slowly vanishes as the benign of sins becomes a tumor. This lack of humanity and conscience relieves any human from feeling any shame, guilt or remorse. This is the reason the society is dwelling in certain evils that negates all the beauty of life.

Innocence of soul removes all the barriers of hate and jealousy – but people will always exploit your emotions. Therefore the conjunction of love and hate loses its balance, which simultaneously distinguishes from evildoers and people who do good deeds. The paralysis of soul that dwells in this world is a master work of Satan who binges and feeds on love and humanity. The living beings are no more tied to the auspiciousness of life but rather crave for killings. The lost and drowned sincerity is not reborn since the incarnation has fallen prey to indigenous ideas of haters.

The simplicity of life diminishes as the animosity between the humans’ relives and breaths on violence and killings, which is lying within deep inside any human being. The rising criminality and the evolving time and space becomes deafening towards humanity. It divides the nation into pieces that demonstrates nothing but dying souls and unheard voices. Why has the simplicity of life  become a rather focus for poor to dwell on, as the riches dwell in evil more. The curiosity lies in the changing times and situation and the life evolves but the core idea of simple life remains the same. We are just too ashamed to adopt the values and principles of simple life.

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