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APS Peshawar attack–the day that left us in shock and mourning

16th December 2014, the day 5 terrorist attacked Army Public School Peshawar and killed each and every-one of them brutally. The day every Pakistani cried. The day when Pakistan lost 144 lives 144 dreams that could turn this country into something spectacular.

More than 132 schoolchildren ranging between the ages of eight and eighteen years were killed brutally.

Everyone from local, national and international media covered the whole day, collected stories and depicted how painful the day was for the injured children.

The day everyone on social media turned their pictures black to express their pain and grief.  Celebrities’, public figures and everyone condemned this attack.

The injuries were both major and minor. I can still feel the pain of those families, those parents, those children and how those children are still suffering.

The day most parents were waiting for their children. They were crying. They were waiting. They were screaming. The day was sad. In fact, it was the saddest. Emergency was declared in all hospitals.People needed blood. The citizens started donating.

It was TTP’s deadliest attack. The whole media, social media was in shock and mourning. I opened some of the videos and  cried profusely. These terrorists are inhumane. We lost 130 children, a few teachers and some staff members.

All the criminals were sentenced to death. All the political leaders were on the same page to take action and end such terror attacks for good.

What we learned is that we all are on the same page when this nation is in need. We continue to remain on one side until it is for our good.

Peshawar attack taught us to continue to end terror, it taught us to grow, and it ended all the grudges. The attack and the loss of 144 made us realize the importance of people around us. How unpredictable life can be and what a loss actually means.

APS attack should be a lesson to end bloated egos, grudges and issues and live a contended life. It should be a lesson to make life a reason to live.

The sacrifices by those children should not only be named on schools but should be taught to our upcoming generations so they can learn the true meaning of bravery, the true meaning of Shahadat.

May the day was the last day this country faced in terms of brutality. May we don’t need such reasons to come on one platforms.

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