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What makes Dubai an investment-haven?

A melting pot of tourists, investors and visitors, Dubai is a haven for businessmen gearing up to enhance profits. It has been the world’s favourite holiday city for long, and now it is becoming an increasingly favorite destination for business as well. While we expect only a mammoth opportunities for people from all over the world, let’s have a look at some reasons compiled by Bayut.com to find out why Dubai makes the perfect sense for investment.


While the USA, Australia, and Tokyo boast of exquisite skylines, Dubai takes away the limelight with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Downtown Dubai outshines all prime townships with its inspiring outlook. Dubai’s Marina-facing avenues, mega malls and the palm-shaped island embody its unmatched extravaganza.

Dubai also has one of the best communications infrastructure;it’s the impressive road and maritime network making the city at par with the best in the world.

Already home to a number of world records, Dubai’s upcoming projects are likely to take it a top destination for business and leisure travelers.


Dubai’s port is one of most well-equipped and efficient sea ports in the world. Careful maintenance and speedy processes expound the port’s ability to manage millions of tons of cargo each year that facilitate extensive business activities.

The port is a preferred by a number of freight giants and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Geo-strategic location

Sitting on a significant trade route connecting the East and West, Dubai’s strategic importance is not to be ignored. It’s position as a natural stopover for businesses moving back and forth between the two sides of the world lets the city play a key role in modern-day trading.

Recreational and Leisure Facilities

Dubai’s unparalleled hospitality, mildly warm, serene beaches and theme parks ensure that business and leisure go hand in hand for everyone. Whilst staying, families can avail wholesome packages that are set to multiply fun.

As underwater hotel rooms, theme parks and giant aquariums characterize Dubai’s tourism industry, activities like snorkeling and desert safari make the adventure-seeking lot flock to the city all year round.So it is only natural that areas around such entertainment facilities offer higher returns on investmentand your business in likely to break even before you know it.

 Wealth and Luxury Lifestyle

Dubai is world famous shopping destinations, and people coming to the place love to indulge in some decadent buying. From gold-plated cutlery in seven-star hotels to top-notch brands in shopping malls, people’s conspicuous love for spending characterizes Dubai’s lifestyle.

So if you have an idea or a product that you think is only fit for acquisition by the uber-rich, you ought to make Dubai your next marketing destination.

Exceptional Real Estate Returns

Offering some of the world’s highest rental returns, Dubai’s real estate is a lucrative sector to put your money into. Investors from all parts of the world throng the realty market that promises healthy returns. Moreover there are a number of property portals, like Bayut.com, which facilitate international trade by offering the best real estate deals in the UAE.

Continuous Construction

Construction is a year-long aspect of Dubai, and gives a clue to its continued development. Infrastructural improvement that focus on building world class buildings, waterfront projects, malls retail outlets with the latest technologies and amenities make way for the creation of a number of business roles and needs.

So even if the only thing that you for investment is your skill and expertise, you will find Dubai to be the perfect host that enables you to turn your fortune around.

Investors can purchase a commercial property, buy a stake in a business, or purchase a promising residential property. There is much on offer.

Tax-Free Economy

Yes, the emirate is a tax-free economy. Which means foreign investors and entrepreneurs are more motivated to participate in trade and commerce here than anywhere else in the world. It gives them freedom to reap the maximum of their income.

Political and Economic Stability

One major reason accounting for Dubai’s success is its political stability. Acknowledged for being one of the safest cities to live in, Dubai guarantees security at every nook and corner. Besides, economic diversification means Dubai has various sources of income and its economy is more resistant to sudden shocks and upturns in global economic scenery.

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 promises exceptional prospects for business in Dubai. With extensive international exposure, businesses can surely develop a global clientele and multiply profits. Expecting a huge turnout of around 20 million, the Expo has goods in store for all who dare to dream.

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