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Imran Khan and PTI–What needs to be done now

Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf  emerged as a blessing back in 2011 for millions of Pakistanis like me who looked up to Mr. Khan as a new hope for Pakistan in the messy political arena . Hundreds of thousands of people were after a long time once again filled with hope and could not help themselves but believed in and welcomed Imran Khan’s ideology of change.

Imran Khan had considerable charisma combined with reputation and vision that helped him winning peoples hearts within no time and so PTI grew too fast after 2011 in terms of popularity. His slogan of change in order to curb corruption, bad governance and promote merit in the country heavily attracted the middle class segment of the society, in particular, who had previously stopped taking any interest in the country’s politics what so ever.

Imran Khan

Now the question here is that why a party that ballooned within days at that time seems to be in trouble in the current political scenario? Why it seems to be losing its supporters with every passing day? Why the masses are once again looking hopeless who once thought of Mr. Khan as their true hero who would transform the nation from the status quo ridden to a versatile service oriented system  that leads Pakistan into a brand new era of prosperity?

I surely cannot speak on behalf of the millions of his fans out there who are slowly and gradually losing faith on their leader primarily because of his inability to form authentic and realistic political goals and focus on realism. All I can say is that, as far as I have come to know him, he relies more on his charisma and probably over estimates his talent and potential. What saddens me deeply is the question that somewhere between dharnas, accusations of riggings and personal attacks, where has the ideology lost? I haven’t heard of him or any of his party’s member talking about the roots on which he built up his party, THE IDEOLOGY. To me, PTI, today, does not look any different to any other conventional political party in our country representing the same corrupt old faces. I do not deny the fact that  you do need electables in order to win elections however what Mr .Khan seems to have lost is the possible balance in his team between the so called electables and the ones who, in the real sense of term, project the soul of his ideology. Khan, at the moment, seems to have lost the focus completely. He needs a perfect amalgamation of fresh and bright faces combined with some experienced but honest leaders in order to save the sinking boat of PTI. Furthermore, in order to win the next general elections, Imran Khan badly needs to concentrate and perform in KPK and deliver results with better governance  as riding on the anti Nawaz sentiment alone won’t help him getting votes in the 2018 general elections.

Imran Khan

Moreover, Mr. Khan should work on regaining his lost image as his back to back u-turns, flip flops and inconsistent policies have shaken his personal stature. He should rather showcase himself as a more composed mature and balanced leader who has his eyes on every issue and holds responsibility for it.  Majority of the population in our country lives in rural areas where PTI has so far failed to grasp hold of any considerable number of supporters that can turn into voters in the 2018 elections. Therefore, PTI needs a serious reformation of  strategy that can better get hold of the rural population of the country .

Imran Khan

I, along with many others out there are still hoping for the best while keeping their fingers crossed, who genuinely want Imran khan and PTI to rise again and turn out to be the biggest threat in the next general elections.

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