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PTI’s performance in KPK so far–better than the rest

The 2013 general elections were quite different from the elections held before. We had never seen people, especially youth, taking part in politics but in 2013 they became active part of political process by voting. They were standing in the queue and waiting for their turn to cast vote. Overseas Pakistanis came from abroad mainly to take part in the process of voting. All these things were unprecedented. It was Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who mobilized the masses to come out of their houses and cast their vote. They made them aware of the importance of vote that is why even people from abroad came to take part in this process.

PTI, which had just one seat in 2002, got more than 30 seats in 2013 elections. Not only this, PTI emerged as the most popular party in KPK. Now it’s been more than 2 and a half years since the Imran Khan led PTI is in government in KPK. Imran Khan would definitely have the example of Narendra Modi (Current Prime Minister of India) in his mind. He developed Gujrat to such an extent that people of India wanted to be govern by none other than him. Imran Khan would also be looking to do the same.

However, we must also acknowledge that KPK was the most strike performance of Pakistan. Nothing was secure in the province whether its property or life, when PTI took control of the province. It was the first time that PTI came in power therefore it took some time for them to understand the things. But the party didn’t disappoint the people of KP. There are definitely some failures but overall the performance is satisfactory and they have done many good things for its voters.

According to Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT), PTI’s KPK government is ahead of all other provinces including Punjab in terms of ‘Best Governance’. PILDAT has also placed KP government on top in terms of law and order among other provinces.

The PTI government has also launched first ever institute for street children. It will accommodate 1000 street children and provide them with education, health, recreation, sports, boarding, food, career, psychological counseling and other necessary facilities. An additional 100 kanals of land will also be acquired to build a sports ground, an auditorium and cricket academy.

Police has been completely depoliticized and there is not any kind of interference by ministers, chief minister or even Imran Khan. There is zero tolerance policy against the corrupt police officers. So far approximately 5000 policemen have been either rusticated or given other punishments.  Of these officials, 10 DSPs and acting SPs, four Inspectors, 42 SIs, 34 ASIs, 51 HCs and 446 Constables have been removed from service while many others were awarded punishments. In past, recruitments were made through political interference but now a merit based NTS-Test has been introduced. It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that policemen are being appointed through a merit based test. Government has also introduced online FIR system and thousands of FIRs have been registered through this. Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Jawwad S Khawaja also appreciated the changed culture in KPK police. Getting appreciated by a chief justice is a big achievement.

The most essential thing is accountability. Imran Khan consistently talked about accountability in his talk shows and public gatherings. Now it seems that he has fulfilled his promise. KPK government established Ehtesaab Commission tasked with going after the corrupt. The first victim of this commission was the father of PTI’s MPA. Recently, Ehtesaab Commission arrested PTI’s sitting minister for minerals Ziaullah Afridi. It’s also the first time that a sitting minister is arrested on charges of corruption. These arrests helped build trust in Ehtesaab Commission as a credible institute willing to caught even those who are considered close to the ruling party. The Ehtesaab Commission also arrested PPP’s former provincial minister and some senior bureaucrats. NAB of KPK has also been given free hand. Unlike other provinces, PTI’s government doesn’t interfere in their work. Till date, 1 billion looted money has been recovered.

The Patwari system has been changed by the provincial government. Fareeha Idrees, a tv anchor, admitted in a live show that he sent an undercover camera to see a patwari will take any bribe but surprisingly no one took it due to fear of punishment.

The KPK assembly is passing bills which benefit the people of province. For the sake of transparency in governance system, Right to Information bill was introduced by the PTI government. It allows the citizens to get any information related to government online. The KPK’s RTI law has been rated by the World bank’s experts as among the top three RTI laws being practiced globally.

The health sector has also improved significantly. Doctors are present 24/7 in the hospitals to treat the ill people. Medicine is also free in all the government hospitals. Imran Khan did a press conference few days back telling that how he will make the government hospitals of KPK better.  I have never ever seen any political party leader including Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif doing press conference on this issue despite the fact that the condition of hospitals in Punjab are worse. The government launched ‘Sehat ka Insaf’ program to confront the increasing challenge of polio and they seem quite successful. During this program child got and are getting vaccination against 9 inevitable sicknesses.

The education department in the province is also getting better day by day. Teachers who don’t show up in schools are being removed. So far more than 12000 teachers have recruited through National Testing Service (NTS). Teachers are also being appreciated for first time. Most of them thanked PTI government for awarding them cash prizes based on merit. KPK Govt launched Tameer-e-School campaign to rebuild thousands of decrepit schools all across the province using cutting edge technology to monitor the funds and the adequate usage of the funds.

The KPK government is also going to table the Conflict of Interest bill in the assembly. This is also a historic step. Imran Khan has said that if any of his MPA opposed this law he will remove him from the party.

All these things show that PTI is delivering in KPK and the situation of province is getting better day by day.

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