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I am sorry but I do not condemn the attack on Paris

Friday 13th November 2015, Paris, France: – a black day for all of humanity. Isn’t it? Around 160 people have died in this attack according to international reports, 6 places around Paris have been bombed, hostages were taken, brutality and all the killing, etc. etc.

Aftermath we had condolence messages being given to Paris from all over the world, talk about humanity, world comes together, world peace etc. etc.

But you know what it actually was? It was all drama. YES, all a big drama.

Why? Because there isn’t any humanity for any Muslim country. Humanity is biased and prejudiced in this world. Many Muslims die, everyone remains silent. But if there is an attack in a country like Paris everyone is saddened about it. And yes after the incident it was blamed on ISIS or in other words, the whole Muslim community around the world. Many people fall victim to Islamophobia and then we as Muslims get comments such as this one:-

In 2008 we had a similar incident in Karachi. 7th July 2008 to be exact when 6 blast in multiple areas of Karachi occurred but we never had any condolence from any country. Maybe I went too far behind, then let’s move forward to last year. 16th December 2014, around 131 children died. I repeat 131 CHILDREN died and the death toll was around 160 and what did the world do? Just sit and watch. Did any country flash the green and white color lighting in their country the way they are right now doing for Paris? Did Mark Zuckerberg make any Pakistan flag DP Filter to support Pakistan at that time? No is the answer to all.

Ok now let’s move outside of Pakistan.

More than millions have died in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, etc. and the death toll is rising as we see but no one cares about that. No one, not even a single person who is right know are condemning the Paris attack, cares about the people in countries such as Syria, Iraq and Palestine

This is not a bloodthirsty attack on Paris but a drama. A drama to create a dark mark on us as Muslims.

People will hate me for this but I do not condemn the attack on Paris.

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