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The Two-Nation theory and ‘secular’ India

Two-nation theory was the main reason for obtaining a separate country for the Muslims of India, to secure their fundamental rights. This theory was not an idea of a single man, it was immerged by the consequences of that time and flourished by different leaders who had the courage to speak up for the rights of their community. This theory was strengthened by the worst behavior of congruous to the Muslim community.

The main point of this theory was that Muslims and Hindus belong to different heritage, their life style, food and beliefs are totally different. They are actually opposite to each other, they even have different languages and scripts, so they cannot live for a lifetime in one country with the same government and constitution. Muslims and Hindus could not live as one community, so the two-nation theory was the force that moulded the mindset of Muslims of sub-continent.

The two-nation ideology still exists as Pakistan is a Muslim state. People who criticize this theory and demand secularism in Pakistan and idolize or appreciate India for being a secular state should look at the minorities in India. A state should treat its citizens equally without any bias but the Muslim and Sikh community of India are suffering with the worst partial behavior of the government. Even Sikh community is demanding an independent state “Khalistan”. Minorities of India are now feeling insecure and alone. The hate speeches of Indian leaders against Muslims and the restrictions on Muslims for their religious rights and duties, is too much to bear. The worst is banning the sacrifice of cow and eating beef as Muslims have a religious festival that relates to the slaughtering of cow.

Two-nation theory

While making fun of the two-nation ideology, they totally forgot these facts.  Minorities living within Pakistan are not insecure and never face biased behavior. These minorities don’t rank as third-grade citizens. They have full support of their fellow Pakistanis and their children are also enjoying benefits, facilities. They are not minorities, they are Pakistanis.

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