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Should Sindh rejoice ?

Now that the first phase of the local bodies elections have been completed and the outcome has been as expected, epicentres of power in Sindh and Punjab haven’t experienced any paradigm shift and PML-N and PPP have further cemented their grip in their respective fiefdoms. Rural Sindh and Punjab are blessed to have able leaders like Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari who have worked day and night to provide the basic necessities of life to the poor peasants.

Sindh in specific will soon be experiencing a major overhaul. A state of the art mass transit system will soon provide transportation services to the poor peasants in the interior of Sindh. Solid waste management system will soon be operational in the areas where PPP holds influence, a network of roads and bridges will be laid down as part of the “vision” and “public service commitments” of the PPP, state of the art health facilities and good quality schools will soon be established, low cost housing, subsidized food items and clothing will be provided to the poor Sindhis as part of the “Roti, kapra aur makaan” philosophy of the PPP. The elected office bearers will be seen attending to public grievances and complaints day in and day out. The fact that many of the elected “servants of the people of Pakistan” are directly or indirectly related to the ruling elite of Sindh, it will eventually benefit the common man on the streets. These highly influential and financially sound individuals will now open their doors for the poor Sindhis to walk in and be heard.

Keeping in view the exemplary development carried out by the PPP in Karachi alone, paints a pleasant picture for the days to come. The way the Bhutto-Zardari loyalists have selflessly served the citizens of Karachi, utilizing their true potential for the uplift of the living standards of the Karachiites by introducing state of the art mass transit system, effective water and sewage management system and ofcourse the establishment of excellent health care facilities and educational institutes throughout the city besides, the poor sindhis of rural Sindh can see a ray of hope and are hopeful that their votes in favor of the Pakistan People’s Party will not go to waste. There will be wide scale employment as a result of PPP’s focus on foreign direct investments specially by the Shiekhs of Dubai. The poor Sindhis from Larkana, Daadu, Badin etc won’t be required to travel and settle down in Karachi in search of a decent job but instead will be closer to home and earn better. Urban Sindh will soon enter a golden era of development which will put up a tough competition for the Sharifs of Raiwand, Khan Sahab of Bani Gala, and the chaudhries of Gujraat.

The vote banks of mainstream political parties have gone polar yet again. PPP for Sindhis and PML-N for Punjabis is the rule of thumb that seems to have strengthened with time. In the next round of local bodies’ polls, it won’t come as a surprise if MQM bags the maximum number of votes in Karachi and Hyderabad. What needs to be seen however is whether the Karachiites will get to enjoy the “Naimatullah Khan-Mustafa Kamal” era yet again or would that be just an exercise in futility.

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