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No holiday for Iqbal Day–A good step indeed

The news all over social and electronic media spread when a statement issued by the Interior Minister saying November 9, (Iqbal Day) will be a working day, adding all the offices and education institutes would remain open as per routine.

I find this statement a wise step and this has to be one good move by the government.

Pakistan is a country where holidays are availed on a regular basis, especially in education and institutional sectors on both federal and provincial level. Iqbal wanted Pakistan to prosper and with frequent holidays, there are no such chances of Pakistan growing. Pakistan, as we all know is facing issues and we as a nation need to work to for our country and to live in the country Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal sacrificed their lives for.

Allama Iqbal

Iqbal is known for his poetry and philosophy, where majority of the nation is not even aware of his work. He inspired people during Pakistan movement and held a great political and philosophical mind. Most people whining on uplifting of holiday on Iqbal day, plan to sleep the entire day. All we know about Iqbal has been derived from our Pakistan Studies book or what we have heard from our elders.

Schools and colleges on the other hand are closed and the young generation will forget Iqbal in the coming times.

Government of Pakistan should now take actions against the provincial governments and private schools on account of purposeless holidays from now on.

If the government is uplifting the holiday, they should make sure that schools and offices should at least have a discussion on Iqbal and his philosophies which we can use in practical terms to develop this nation.

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