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Not admitting their faults: The PTI conundrum

Instead of blaming their loss on possible killings, rigging or irregularities, it is time to confess on the part of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, that not only has their popularity plunged massively but they’re doing it all wrong. I’m often criticized and reprimanded as to why I target PTI alone, despite this occurring on basis of all other parties as well. My simple response to all those wondering is:

  • I am a Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf supporter primarily, therefore I do not care what all other parties are doing wrong, all I care is what my organization is stuttering towards and how it affects my country.
  • PTI has for so long proclaimed that it is unique, it drives upon an ideology and is perfect in its endeavors, unlike other status quo parties, thus there is an assumption of responsibility on their part.
  • The struggle has been real and to waste it by blindly following what newcomers have initiated would be a sorry state for the true supporters of this party indeed.

Not that I believe I owe any explanations, but I felt this was necessary due to the frequently asked questions. Regarding the local bodies elections, in my humble opinion, PTI forgot what it stood for, it called out for change, broadcasted through older channels,(i.e: puranay, tested syasirahnuma). Therein lay hypocrisy. For many (like me), support for PTI was not due to a certain list of ‘electables’ that are traded from party to party during elections, but it was the spirit of new enlightenment that grasped our attention. When once it ignited my senses the moment a PTI leader came in sight of the media, it eventually began to irk me, because those leaders and representatives that I loved and respected were no longer in clear view. They either left or were shifted to the back benches, in the hopes that ‘PTI’ would flourish.

Then came the coalitions. I remember clearly Imran Khan going on and on about how these coalitions ruin parties and ideologies, but most importantly how they were consummated for the sheer greed of governments and power. But when it comes to PTI, there remain no principles, not even justifications as to why it is a necessity, only extremely lame excuses of it being a ‘majboori’.

Finally, when you run for local bodies, criticizing the government and alleging corruption based cases isn’t enough. You need solid evidence as to why and how your candidate will fulfill the basic requirements of your tehsil or district. Because trust me, no one cares what party an individual belongs to as long as he is a good administrator for your area.

So, in conclusion, the task to take up for PTI is to brush away the dust that has accumulated and look for what people term ‘old is gold’. Apart from that, badmouthing and relying on criticism-based campaigning has to stop, you have a government that you must display as an example to all elections you will contest for. And more so, stop playing the rigging card, we all know it happens but when it came to you, you struck a midway deal to either kick out Nawaz Sharif alone for face saving or not achieve anything at all so really it no longer appeals to us, unless you bring up solid electoral reforms without immature panting and stubbornly pleading for your way.

Oh and how about you kick out the Shahs, the Tareens, the Choudhrys and the Sheikhs from the party and rummage through for your older advisors, you never know, the acceleration process may commence sooner than expected.

Sincerely, a hard core PTI supporter.

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