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Why Imran Khan is my only choice…

Imran Khan is a name that comes up usually in political discussions among people related to Pakistan. Many people see him as a ray of hope in a jungle of darkness. Others anyhow, have blamed him for playing popular politics, not taking a position on important issues, and – when I heard this it blew my mind – being a terrorist sympathizer.

While I don’t deny admiring Khan as one of the most charismatic leaders in Pakistan, this is definitely not the only reason many support him. People must give more credit to others with different views. Today Pakistan is divided as people rule them on account of the sentimental feelings of being Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, and Pathan. This nation is still suffering, and the families that are governing them are getting richer day by day. Our young generation is searching for a leader that can unite them and lead their fight against the system that is now capturing the roots of our great country. With all of these cons haunting Pakistan at the moment, Imran Khan suddenly emerges onto the national political landscape of Pakistan.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is the future of Pakistan, and there is no shred of doubt about that. Hope is here and that intense hope is because of the promises of change which Imran Khan has brought to the table. One can disagree with the political view of Imran Khan, but even the worst opponents are unable to put any question about his honesty and patriotism.

So when a proven leader, who is not corrupt, forms a party focusing on the lack of justice in Pakistan, do I support him?

The answer is simply a ‘yes,’ and this is even simpler given the current situation of the country. All other major political parties are corrupt, directionless, opportunists and tested. Compared to criticisms of the PMLs, MQMs and PPPs, Tehreek-e-Insaf is nearly angelic – but it is criticized nonetheless.

Starting from the top to bottom, our system is overrun by corruption, mafia and people who are destroying our countryfor their own benefits (e.g. financial, other state support elements, and for their own particular divide and rule type reasons).

Many of you may know that the next ERA is with Asia for economic development. Pakistan is so lucky to be in the midst of developing markets. If corruption, terrorism, and political mafias can be controlled in Pakistan, then we will see our country easily come out of its energy and economic crisis. Imran Khan is blessed with the most talented and educated youth inside and outside of Pakistan. We just need the right people at the right place. If we succeed in doing this, then Pakistan can not only defeat its current crisis, but also go on a quick pace for economic development.

Imran Khan is setting tough standards for all other parties, if they need to stay in business then they need to put something useful for the general public, else they will never have a second chance to win public support. Today every single youngster in Pakistan has a political view. Whether he is supporting Khan or not, you must acknowledge that this awareness among the youth has been promoted by Imran.

Imran Khan

By the day’s end we all have a responsibility. We can bash a particular person who is trying to help and perhaps deflect some votes away from him, or we can praise him for what he has done for the nation so far, create awareness about it, and give suggestions to improve any deficiencies we see to enhance his ideas further. The choice is yours!

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