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Hiking– A break from the constant hassles of everyday life

Lost in the wilderness is the only way to introduce your ‘inner self’ to yourself. Do not think a lot when you hike so that you are lost in the wild and when you find not a single trodden way to follow! The best thing about being lost in nature is that then you will get to know about yourself.


We pass much of our life in a man-made environment, busy everyone every time, nothing to do else except a fixed daily routine. The outcome of this is that we are enslaving ourselves or we are caging our qualities, our abilities in this fixed fuzzy routine and for us, the world has become too much narrower and we are unable get freedom from this daily routine.

Being a holistic being, we operate on three planes, physical, psychological and spiritual. Hiking doesn’t only address the physical dimension. But there are also the other dimensions, dimensions perhaps more profound – the psychological and spiritual. When someone hikes and he loses himself, he has ample time to figure out who he is. He then becomes aware of his psyche and feels a strong spirituality in himself , he breeds these two qualities unintentionally. There is nothing in-between the human being and spiritual being and that is the best time when these two are connected, which is impossible in chaotic life.

Walking all alone in the nature, your inner self will speak with you. To get these feelings, this nourishment of spirituality inside you, you will have to pick the place and then without thinking any odds, start your journey towards it. You will encounter many natural things and feelings, which you will not believe that it happened!


Conclusively, if we want to keep ourselves alive, we should hike, and by hiking it doesn’t mean that we necessarily go towards lush green areas and snowy mountains. Hiking is nothing but finding a place and walking in there, where there is no one but you, yourself and someone that you always want to be with!

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