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The Puppet Game– will Nawaz stand up to the Americans?

In a recent interview of Sartaj Aziz, he made a statement about strategic instability in the region and asked America not to make the region too unstable.

Looking at the latest developments in arms race in which India is ahead and stockpiling everything, the Indians are getting agitated – from their carriers in the oceans to their cruise missiles in the air, India is desperately trying to counter China – the question is, how much have they succeeded?

As far as the oceans are concerned, Indian Navy’s ‘look east’ policy has made a trio club- India, America and Japan.

For which they’re even ready to opt for a velvet divorce with Russia. And there is no heartache on both sides.

Coming to the lands, India is acting as a sidekick of the Americans by bullying smaller nations. If reports are to be believed, U.S and India even co-sponsored the project to bring about a regime change in Sri Lanka by ousting President Mahinda Rajapaksa, whom they viewed as ‘pro-China’.

Looking at the other side, China has no other ally in the region to stand against India than Pakistan. And we are not only her, but Russia’s only chance in emerging a multi-polar power statue. So China and Russia – not at her fullest, not yet- are trying to take Pakistan out of Uncle Sam’s decades-old embrace. Gone are the days when an incompetent Prime Minister looks desperately at the White House to make political and strategical decisions to safeguard his own regime.

But the question is – looking at the history of Blair house meeting etc – has Nawaz Sharif got enough courage to say no to America and refuse his personal benefits and ignore all of his own self interests?

While everyone is speculating about PM’s fears of establishment and ineptness to cope with pressure from outsiders…India and U.S., I don’t think if the PM can afford a “yes” to curb Pakistan’s long-range missile program and nuclear production.

It would be tantamount to accepting Indian hegemony in the region and accepting Modi as our big brother. Obviously U.S. would play every card they have at their hands, from stability in Afghanistan to fighting against JuD and Haqqani network and through a well-thought propaganda to sensitize the world about Pakistan’s growing nuclear program.

But when will we show our unshakable courage to be known as a sovereign nation? Whatever they play, but we cannot afford another “ok” to prove ourselves as their puppets–now is of course the time for NS to show his leadership qualities and make Pakistan a real nuclear power.

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