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Pakistan needs ‘REPLAY’ of the 12 October 1999 coup!

Honestly speaking, when plot of this blog was developing in my mind I was thinking that title should be such as related to the Historical date of 12 October in Pakistan’s chronology. Now when ‘historical’ word appeared in my mind I was like title should be ‘History needs to be ‘Repeated’ in Pakistan’…with the second thought I rejected this hollow yet ‘debatable’ title line thinking that it should be more specific and then the above title flashed in my mind.

Everyone has different stories of this landmark date… my story is that I was a Kid, of middle school, when I went to my friend’s house, in same building, to take my school copy that she took for homework. We were there when building started banging with sounds of closing and opening doors as boys were ringing bells of different flats asking that whether PTV, the only Pakistani channel till 1999, was airing as their TV sets were all blank with Black Screen. Later in the evening, there was buzzing news everywhere that ‘Martial Law’ was imposed in Pakistan…which in fact was not Martial Law!

The speech by then Chief Executive, General Pervez Musharraf in the wee hours of 13 October 1999, after the fateful evening of 12 October 1999, was outstanding. The message was clear and loud…i.e. the armed forces ‘saved’ Pakistan … as a last resort.

“My dear countrymen … I wish to inform you that the armed forces have moved in as a last resort, to prevent any further destabilization. I have done so with all sincerity, loyalty and selfless devotion to the country with the armed forces firmly behind me.”

As well said by General Musharraf in one of recent interview in 11th Hour Program of ARY NEWS that ‘take over’ is not the correct term…it was the matter to ‘SAVE’ Pakistan! This is well explained in this statement of General Musharraf that I picked from his December 2013 interview.

“My inner conviction is that when you are in a position where on one side there is a country that you have to save and on the other the constitution I will go for country. That I have done and I will do again if ever given a chance!”

12 October 1999… the date will always remain in the memory of Pakistanis. It will not be wrong if I would say that this date changed or more precisely altered the course of Pakistan…putting it to the rank of N11 countries in 21st century from nearly failed state in 1999. And then Pakistan has witnessed the eight years of progress and development in every sector. This list of achievements is unending as beside facts and figures, even the Nation now has realized the differences of ‘dictatorship’ & ‘democracy’!

The two major chapters of General Musharraf era beside socio-economic development are ‘War on Terror’ and ‘Kashmir Issue’…About War on Terror which was right step taken at right time but at that time was known as ‘Amreeka Ki Jang’ and now after the Terrible APS Peshawar incident is termed as ‘Apni Jang’…and the ‘Four Point Formula’ for Kashmir Resolution acceptable to both Pakistan and India and Kashmiris alike which is even hailed by Indian Ministers and RAW officers. If these two chapters were allowed to properly written then Pakistan would be more Powerful and sovereign then it is today…both nationally and internationally!

Lastly, it is the armed forces of Pakistan who protect not only the borders of Motherland but also fighting against the menace of Terrorism and Talibanization post 9/11. Be it be mainstreaming the so-called Balochistan separatists groups mostly and starting development projects there, converting of ‘B Areas’ to ‘A Areas’ in Tribal agencies, Operation in North and South Waziristan, Swat Operation and now Operation Zarb-e-Azb … Pakistan needs ‘REPLAY’ of 12 October 1999 … I will end the note with this quote of General Musharraf from speech of 13 October 1999 that I like the most:

“Dear brothers and sisters, your armed forces have never and shall never let you down, Inshallah. We shall preserve the integrity and sovereignty of our country to the last drop of our blood. I request you all, to remain calm and support your armed forces in the re-establishment of order to pave the way for a prosperous future for Pakistan”

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