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Here come the girls…

After the completion of the reality TV show Pakistani Idol, it was almost impossible to find any of the competitors appear on live TV or releasing any music or even a minor appearance on a show! The winner himself only raised his head above the water in the past few months recording the soundtrack of a currently airing drama. But some of the runners up on the show and even some of those who had just auditioned have been silently paving their steps to a new found success and even making changes in the way our music industry is forming.

A few names that have been making their mark on the music scene in Pakistan but havent been given much attention are Maria Meer, Ghazal Ali, Fizza Javed and Sana Zulfiqar. All four had auditioned for the final spot on Pakistan Idol yet none were successful (without placing blame or prejudice on any of the judges as the final position was for one singer only) but all four have found a route into the music industry in Pakistan and have done pretty well for themselves. Maria Meer, many may not really remember Maria Meer, but she was one of the voices who auditioned and had been turned away by the judges. She was distraught and couldnt understand why she had been turned away. But the talented singer was taken under the wing of the already successful reality show winner Amanat Ali. Amanat Ali alongside the talented Maria Meer, recorded a single which became an online sensation on release.

The song titled Naina Lagey became an instant hit online, the song was a mellow track in fusing new found romance while maintaining typically Pakistani music. The song which has hit up to a million views on YouTube alone.Easily many may assume Amanat Ali taking Maria Meer under his wing was a kind of gesture against the judges who had turned his brother away in the same reality show, but if such an assumption was to be given any thought, then we should also assume that he would have launched his brother instead of launching Maria Meer! Maria Meer has gone on to sing the original sound track to a drama which was aired on a local TV channel. Just one of the many future stars of Pakistan.

Ghazal Ali, many may once again not no nor remember and why would they? After being turned away she hasn’t really recieved any media attention! But Ghazal Ali is another singer who didn’t win Pakistan Idol but still went on to make quite a name for herself and work in projects which will one day pave the way to her success! If anyone is a fan of Pakistani dramas then you must of heard of the Six Sigma Plus’ drama Goya starring Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed. The soundtrack of this drama has been sung by none other than our very own Ghazal Ali. The song which has been composed by Shuja Haider which was the first of two songs that the pair had worked on. The second song was in the hit Pakistani film Jalaibee. With the Pakistani film industry reviving, the industry has given way to new and upcoming talent to make their mark, and Ghazal Ali was one who sang the hit song Jawani which had been picturised on the gorgeous Zhalay Sarhadi. The song was an out of the box hit and was that much more special due to the vocals of Ghazal Ali.

Fizza Javed another competitor on the reality TV show, didn’t succeed in becoming Pakistan Idol but got past the audition stages and even made it to the live shows. But after being voted out she, went out of the limelight, until recently. On the Eid Ul Fitr of 2015 Fizza was featured on a live show on PTV, a perfect place for one to begin their step into the media industry of Pakistan. After an amazing cover of Raat Bhar Jiya from the classic Pakistani film Umang, Fizza made small appearances on several other channels, singing mostly cover songs from the by gone days. Her voice was an echo of the late Resham ji, and most probably was the reason she was selected for Coke Studio Season 8. Coke Studio the premium stage to showcase musical excellence in Pakistan, where Fizza shone through alongside some of the biggest names that Pakistan has ever heard. In the promo of Season 8, the patriotic song Sohni Dharti, Fizza Javed is one of the first faces we see in a line of singers featured on season 8 including Ali Azmat, the very judge who declined her in her original audition but was overpowered by a yes vote from Bushra Ansari and Hadiqa Kiyani. She was declined by Ali Azmat and then was singing on the same level as Ali Azmat!

Finally Sana Zulfiqar also known as Sana Zee, if you ever heard the soundtrack to the Pakistani drama Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti, Sana Zee is the female vocal we hear dueting with Sahir Ali Bagga, the renowned and versatile singer and music producer in Pakistan. This was the first I had heard of Sana after her appearance on Pakistan Idol, she then went on to work with Sahir Ali Bagga on two major Pakistani films including the mega hit from ARY Films Jawani Phir Nahi Ani where she sang an array of songs including Fair and Lovely Ka Jalwa, she also featured on the soundtrack to Halla Gulla another film released on Eid Ul Azha 2015 and has recently featured on Walnut Studios! Well done to the above for being able to make a name for themselves even when industry big wigs said no, it shows that success stories do exist in Pakistan, the media in Pakistan though must do alot more to highlight such individuals and such talent in Pakistan.

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