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Diary of a Karachiite

Looking back at the years I have spent in this glorious city, I admire its welcoming winds, bright lights and yet on the other hand I feel the smell of gunpowder and hear the cries of the people who have lost their loved ones.
Life in this city, unfortunately, will never be the same… The pain is too great; the loss too much to even measure.
But the picture that runs in front of our eyes wasn’t however, always drawn this way. Today, the color of blood paints our city.
The insecurity that surrounds us has gradually crept into our lives and now we critically analyze our every move out of our homes and offices. We fear going to mosques, cinemas, restaurants and even to a nearby friend’s house, thinking we might not come back home.


I know this is an extreme situation but we have to admit, now under such circumstances, we all have let these thoughts overpower us. Our neurons have been re-wired into believing that nothing ever can go right in this city.
We frequently hear these words coming out of a Karachiite’s mouth “Iss mulk ka kuch nahi hosakta” (There’s no hope for our country)
But is that really the case? We talk about how and when things will change. But have we done something about it? I believe that not only this duty lies on the shoulders of our youth, but we need some insight also.
And this is exactly what we need; Insight.
Because of my background of Nursing, I have had the experience of dealing with mentally ill patients. My observation says that the patients who regained their insight that something’s wrong and they need help, recovered faster than those who lacked insight.
We blame media, people, government but who are these people? They come from within US. We, the ordinary people, make and break the government. We protect the city and push it in darkness. We nurse it and torture it too.
It’s not about crying over spilt milk, it’s about getting up and doing something about it.


We have to remember, that realization of OUR POWER as one nation, is far greater than any other force in this world.
But… that actualization has to come from within… we need INSIGHT

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