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Dear leaders, it’s not about refugees; it’s about the bloodbath in Syria

I hope that you have gone through the series of emotional goose bumps that was caused by a picture of the cute little kid found dead at the shores of Turkey. This heartbreaking image, that got viral within no time caused reactions from all around the world. You can find all the details of these amazing reactions in electronic and print media; for the same reason, I am not getting into the details.

refugee crisis

What’s amazing, however, is the way this picture has changed the course of whole discussion about the bloodbath that still continues in Syria. Unprecedented episode of ruthlessness and brutality that has been covering Syria for almost 4 years is now entitled with ‘Refugee Crises’; where every episode ends with ‘to be continued’. Assad’s barrel bombs that are turning markets into rubble and multistory residential buildings into unidentifiable wreckage are being considered as a permanent reality that can’t be changed. All in all, it is presented as Syria is a victim of a natural disaster like Tsunami that can’t be prevented and the only thing we should focus on is to provide refuge to the fleeing persons. International political leaders are busy with scoring points while comparing the number of refugees they are taking in, without even revisiting their continued involvement in atrocities which has actually resulted in this crisis.

Sad part is that; these leaders have successfully rallied masses into this fallacy of ‘refugee crises’. People who should be pressurizing their govt. to step away from proxy war in Syria are gathering to welcome refugees on railway stations. Don’t take me wrong, I am not criticizing this noble act, not at all, but those who think that this will stop the spilling blood in Syria and in turn, this ‘refugee crises’ will be over, are making a huge mistake. I bet, this emotional row will be over soon and while Assad and opponent militias gain more support from their supporting countries, things will turn uglier.

Refugee crisis

This picture has also stripped world leaders naked to their skin and exposed their hypocritical approach, West and Arabs alike. What’s happening today is the inevitable outcome of proxy war going on in Syria. Angela Markel, Chancellor of Germany, who is being presented as the biggest champion of human rights this planet has ever seen, is one of the most vocal supporters of Assad’s brutal regime. Middle Eastern Muslim states aren’t far behind either as they are supporting their favorite militias with funds and ‘freedom fighters’ who remain in this category as long as they serve these states; otherwise they are thrown into ‘terrorists’ bracket right away. Russia is also muddling in Syrian affairs to protect her own interests. As a result, what we have got is complete chaos where citizens are being bombed by regime, abducted by militias, raped by armed groups and smuggled by human traffickers. Human trafficking is considered one of today’s most cruel evils but given the situation of Syria, it looks like more of a service than crime.

refugee crisis

If you get cancer and experience hair fall, you don’t go to a dermatologist to cure your hair; you go to a cancer hospital to get it treated. I hope you will think the same way regarding Syria.

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