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Why is Nawaz Sharif hesitant?

United Nations is a place for communication .This time of the year since the birth of UN, leaders of different nations come to New York and make statements.They plead their respective cases and try to persuade other members to sort out differences and issues to make life easier on this planet. The bottom line is that only those nations win here whose leaders are equipped with better communication skills and come up with the proper research work.One look at the globe today and we find that Pakistan is surrounded by webs of complicated and difficult situations.India, with the help of Afghanistan, is making life difficult on our eastern and western borders.Washington, meanwhile, is looking at us through the eyes of India and urging us to ‘do more’.

Our friends in Middle East including UAE, have abandoned us because we are developing Gawadar. Saudi Arabia, who helped us in our time of need, when the United States had imposed sanctions on us for developing nuclear weapons, is also at odds with us over developing Gawadar. Iran is cautious and skeptical of our leaders because of our indecision on Pak-Iran gas pipeline project. We are in fact facing the worst diplomatic isolation since our creation in 1947. Only China is on our side but it too has openly demonstrated intentions of expanding ties with India. We needed a leader who could understand the gravity of the issues at hand. A leader who could explain to the world that we are a nation of liberal, open and progressive-minded Muslims.

Our armed forces are fighting, with the whole nation backing them up, against militancy and terrorism. We needed a leader who could tell the world in a strong and clear language that we needed our hostile neighbour to sit and talk at the table, regarding the unfinished agenda of 1947. Unfortunately Prime Minister Mian Nawaz sharif is neither a leader with great communication skills nor a person who is willing to speak sternly to Delhi. The time is ripe to find out an out-of-the-box solution for the Kashmir issue.

Mian sahab also has no intentions of annoying his friends in Washington. These are the times when our leaders should speak to the world and let them know our suffering. On the contrary, the Foreign Office has given strong instructions to Pakistani mission that no foreign correspondent shall be allowed to come near Mian sahab .It is quite obvious why these instructions have been issued, since our premier does not know what to say and what not to say! The United States media, during the last few weeks, has been discussing Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Plans are being hatched to ensure a way to convince Islamabad to bring their uranium enrichment to the minimum level. But no planned interaction of PM with the United States media. We need some one who speaks from his heart, not the ones who raise these issues in a bid to elongate their personal rule.

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