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Birthday parties’ war

After attending a glitzy and over the top birthday party, my kids remained literally in awe of that for days (including their mommy).

That was a Barbie themed birthday party.

Everything was artfully designed including the invitation cards. In fact invitation cards were the first clue of the magnificence of the birthday party.

The barbie themed extravaganza had everything one could think of in a birthday party.

It had vibrant pink themed balloon wall, a beautiful customized cake, a bespoke outfit, cupcakes topped with mini Barbie sculptures, a magician, incredible photo booth and amazing goodie bags having some expensive items. It was hard to think what constitutes “over the top” anymore.

Back in 90s, birthday parties meant bringing a standard pineapple or chocolate cake with your name and age written on it.

Some balloons with little artwork were considered perfect décor for the birthday parties.

Candies and chocolates with some stationery items were ideal presents or goodie bags.

There were no special themed based outfits by then.

Those little parties used to last a good 3 hours and then life used to get normal after that. Even then, we used to dream about that little birthday party for days before it was celebrated. Alas! This is not the case anymore.

This is 2018 and life is entirely different now. Birthday parties mean a lavish celebration with a customized cake, artistic décor and a professional photographer to capture the best moments.

The standard for birthday parties is getting higher and higher with each passing year. It has turned into a competitive sport in which every kid wants to excel with the most lavish and flamboyant birthday party.

Now kids celebrate birthdays both at schools and home and with a proper swag.

Birthday parties are more about bragging than actually enjoying.

We need to give due credit to Facebook and Instagram as well because now it is more about uploading images than actually enjoying the moments.

Cherry on the top is the celebrities who are not willing to draw any line and spend millions on just a 2 to 3 hour birthday event of their kids. This way rest of the kids idealize this entire extravaganza and this race speeds up. My daughter is six years old now. I know how much effort I have to put in to shield her from the peer pressure and other such influences.

In a world full of hungry faces with no food to eat, spending huge amount of money for such events is really cruel.

Call me old fashioned, but I literally find this trend of throwing out extravagant parties profligate.

I personally see no harm in celebrating a birthday party in your home with some nice arrangement (with less expenditure) and ditching a designer made customized cake for a bakery bought lovely cake.

We need to get easy on extras and tone down these over the top birthday events.

All in all, the main purpose should be to enjoy the birthday with your loved ones.

We need to understand that spending handsome amount of money doesn’t prove our love for children.

We need to inculcate in our kids that life is not just about celebrating birthdays with such extravaganza.

We need to challenge ourselves to subvert these modern standards of birthday parties for very important reasons: to raise our children to be more humble, appreciative and considerate otherwise kids would stop being grateful for all the blessings they already have!

Don’t you agree???

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