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Taliban apologists should hang their heads in shame

If sympathizers and apologists of Pakistani Taliban had any shred of conscience, they should have hanged themselves after watching TTP’s former spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan’s confession.

But expecting any remorse from TTP supporters is too much of an expectation.

When TTP were butchering innocent Pakistanis, these sympathizers were helping Taliban either by covering or defending their actions. They would spread confusion in society by giving misleading statements about those acts of terrorism TTP openly claimed and their former spokesperson has now also confessed.

What a shame. Ehsan ullah Ehsan is a savage; through his confession he eventually orphaned his old buddies too.

Ehsan ullah Ehsan, who remained at the helm of terrorism in Pakistan for more than nine years revealed, “These people (Taliban) have misled people in the name of Islam, especially the youth, for their own ends. They themselves do not hold themselves to the same standards they champion for others.”

“A particular group is responsible for misleading people, kidnapping them and extorting them for money, and murdering innocents,” Ehsan went on to say.

“These people have been behind bombing attacks in public spaces and attacking schools, colleges and universities,” he confessed in a relaxed demeanor.

Having seen his confession, let’s look at the statements his sympathizers and apologists would spew to the media.

“All the bombs and terrorist acts are being carried out by Black Water, Pakistani Taliban have nothing to do with this savagery.”

“Those who were killed fighting Pakistan Army in Tribal areas were not circumcised; so these are Indian soldiers fighting in the guise of TTP and creating differences among brothers.”

“A Muslim cannot kill another Muslim, so all the terrorism in Pakistan is orchestrated by the Hindu-Jew nexus”
(After continued terrorism acts and strong evidence against TTP, their sympathizers shifted their stance from denial to the “enforced” involvement of TTP in terrorism.)

Now their statements were as follows:

“Pakistani Taliban are our disgruntled brothers, let’s win them back with appeasement.”

“Taliban are soldiers of Islam. Had Pakistani state not abandoned them, they would have not been compelled to raise weapons.”

“Taliban are sons of this soil, they want enforcement of Sharia, and we must listen to their demands.”

One former Amir of a religeo-political party even declared slain head of TTP Hakimullah Mehsud a Martyr.

He further argued that Pakistani soldiers fighting against TTP were dying in vain.

And whenever an operation was suggested against these goons, such people tried to scare everyone by stating that operation in North and South Waziristan would destabilize the whole country.

Now if we compare all these statements with of Ehsan ullah Ehsan’s confession, we can assess the complicit role

Taliban sympathizers have played in spreading confusion about the militants, their ideology and goals.
We must recognize these terrorist sympathizers in our society. They belong in to two categories.

• Those religio-political parties who don’t believe in nation states. Taliban considered them their god fathers and these parties saw an opportunity in Taliban’s rise in the country. These parties knew that through peaceful democratic process they can never rise to power in Pakistan.

• Scholars, journalists and intellectuals with extremist mindsets. They supported the TTP and its splinter groups because of their defected mentality and perhaps vested interest as well.

Pakistan was capable of defeating these terrorists from the very beginning, but confusion these Taliban supporters cleverly spread created fears and doubts which damaged our resolve in uniting against the Taliban early on. Let’s be aware of such elements in future.

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