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A Big Fat Desi Wedding

They say never mess with a bride, she will turn into a bridezilla, and you wouldn’t want a sight of that would you? Our desi weddings consist of a variety of events and long weekends are usually prime choice for the functions. Personally I find it entertaining how brides are in the predicament that their wedding is just days away and they are on the brink of insanity. Desi weddings are about getting the best of the best, you want to have the most talked about wedding of the season. Sadly the wedding photographers get booked pretty fast, future brides keep it in mind to lock a photographer down early.

The joy of the mehndi is captured by our friends and families, all the dance moves, and our ecstatic emotions. The yummy food from a biryani to gulab jaamuns, it’s all about how perfect you’d want your wedding to be, after all it’s not every day that you have a big day and It’s definitely not every day that you hear all kinds of hindi music on the highest possible pitch, but then again what’s fun without those?

Back in the day it was compulsory for a bride to sit for mayoun which means that she wouldn’t leave the house, leave oil in her hair, wear really plain clothes, and definitely not wear makeup. As far as I understand this tradition of not wearing makeup on your mayoun/mehndi and looking disheveled in the days leading to the big day is so that you look THAT MUCH MORE AMAZING as a bride.

In a sense, I guess it’s the epitome of a “Before” and “After” makeover. However not many brides do that today and you’d often find brides getting ready for their mayoun and mehndi. Where on one hand you’d obviously get amazing pictures on the other it feels like a loss of culture and the feeling of a traditional desi bride.


You know it’s a desi wedding when the dholkis and dance practices are at peak and all the uncles and aunties hunt for their future bahus and damaads. Girls don’t forget to wear your lashes when you attend a wedding this year, you might land on a very handsome hunk.

Unfortunately people today have begun to use weddings for a social impact; people would be much more involved in taking pictures rather than actually enjoying the event. Just last week I myself was too caught up with creating a story on Snapchat and filtering few pictures for my Instagram, I honestly didn’t even care who was dancing on the floor.

All the hassle from dholkis to a fancy reception, our desi weddings never seem to disappoint me, you see the louder you are the most fun you’ll be having. These weddings also invite all kinds of family drama; we’d always have a certain relative who we’d have to be extra careful about to make sure that everything goes smooth and pretty damn certain that we’ve all been there, done that.

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