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20 Reasons why General Raheel Sharif will always be remembered!

Raheel Sharif

If a General’s Job is conquering, General Raheel Sharif did it best by conquering the hearts of his people.

ONE Year has been passed since the Retirement of General Raheel Sharif and the fact is he is still popular and missed by Nation.

When he took Baton of Command, Nation was gripped with horrors of Terrorism. Then due to success of Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’, Pakistan Flag fluttered high in the skies of Balochistan and Waziristan peacefully after many years. Peace returned to the country to much extent and so the smiles and life of people. He gave more than his best and ended on highest note.
Here are his main achievements and reasons that why General Raheel Sharif will always be remembered:

Number One Military Commander

General Raheel Sharif ranked #No. 1 among Top 10 Best Military Commanders of the world in 2016.


Awards and acknowledgement

For his excellent services in war against terror, he was awarded with medals by 5 countries: Saudi Arabia, USA, Jordan, Turkey and Brazil.

3. Operation Zarb-e-Azb : Launched on 15 June 2014 – its name being derived from ‘Azb’ that was the sword of Holy Prophet SAWW – Zarb-e-Azb’s successes & far reaching effects are also acknowledged & praised by the World!

Change of Narrative

Out of ignorance and distorted facts presented to Nation , before it was ‘Good Taliban’ or ‘Bad Taliban’ and ‘US War on Pakistan Soil’–General Raheel changed this narrative that war on terror is Pakistan’s own war of survival and that there is no good or bad Taliban. When he started Zarb-eAzb he said: ‘Zarb-e-Azb is not just a military operation but a ‘concept’.


Karachi Operation

Karachi Operation, a phase of Zarb-e-Azb, is a great success with phenomenal achievements.

Life returned to Karachi with increase in business activities and peace on its roads. A perfect example of this was record breaking sales of Independence items in year 2015 and 2016 crossing 5 billion rupees!!!

General Raheel Sharif believed that economic progress in a country is directly linked to peace in Karachi.

Peace in Balochistan

Another hit in successes of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, backbone of Baloch separatists was broken with record number of their surrenders and pledging allegiance to Pakistan. CPEC , Reforms in Balochistan, increase in recruitment of Baloch cadets in Pakistan Army are clear examples of achievements.


Due to his untiring efforts, support & interest, personal supervision & monitoring, frequent visits to inspect the work progress on Gawadar Port & CPEC that is carried out by Pak Army Engineers despite harsh terrain, long route & weather conditions, CPEC dreams comes true as Gawadar Port went operational on 13 November 2013.

Gawadar Port was started in 2002 & inaugurated by General Pervez Musharraf in 2007!



War against Corruption: In April 2016, he dismissed 11 Army officers on charges of corruption, thus setting example of transparent accountability and anti corruption drive within his own institution!

Decline in Terrorism

Terrorism in Pakistan declined by 70% as compared to it was in 2013. He was nightmare for Taliban as one can understand from Ali Haider, son of former Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, who was held captive for 3 years by Taliban statement : “General Raheel Sharif is the only person Talibar fear”

Arrest of Kalbhushan Jadhav

In March 2016, RAW spy Kalbhushan Jadhev was arrested by security forces from Balochistan, who was also serving officer in Indian Navy. This was obviously one of the great achievements of his era.

Statesman Soldier

“Pakistan’s lack of good governance required me to play a role as a soldier-statesman” were the words of General Raheel Sharif at the Royal United Services Institute, a defense think tank in London.

He played successful roles of ‘Foreign Minister’ & ‘Defence Minister’ and that too in ONE SALARY of COAS!

He was invited to witness Military Drills from KSA to Turkey, to China and also Russia like for Defence Exhibition in 2015 and in Italy Parliament.

Leading from the Front

Visiting Frontlines or spending Eids with Jawans on the Battle grounds of Waziristan, the General always stood with his Men and Nation.

From being always first to reach the terror sites and visiting victims in Hospitals, offering Janazas of Shuhadas & consoling their families , monitoring rescue and relief efforts in Natural disasters of any kind, he was always there for his people.

Symbol of HOPE

After APS Peshawar incident, worst in humanity, General Raheel Sharif emerged as ‘Symbol of Hope and Courage’, when Nation was grieved.

His presence in school when it was re-opened, meeting with students and parents, put smiles on their faces and added confidence that their Army Chief is with them in their hardest time of life.

Pakistan Day Parade

In 2015 he brought back the Military Tradition of Parade on 23 March – Pakistan Day, after 7 years! The last parade was in the last year of General Pervez Musharraf’s era i.e. March 2008!


Whole media used to buzz with trends when any statement by him was released by ISPR.

Happy Moments

A Big Smile is natural when seeing men in khakis playing cricket and that too when General Raheel hit fours on Afridi’s ball in a friendly match for IDPs on 14th August 2015!

Most Popular COAS

He breaks all the record of popularity and is the most Popular Army Chief in the history of Pakistan. He is almost everywhere, over the Banners on roads, as a Painting behind Trucks, as stickers over the cars, on badges and shirts etc and he is also the most sketched COAS!

Glowing Tributes

What more glowing tribute can be when it comes from your former boss? General Pervez Musharraf always praised General Raheel on his bravery, professionalism and dedication. British army Chief Nicholas Carter praised him as the best commander.

Man of Words

On 25th January 2016, he said in a statement that he will retire on due date and that he proved by retiring with Grace and Pride on 29th November 2016.

First Commander-in-Chief of IMCTC

He is now First Commander in Chief of Islamic Military Alliance, an honor for him and also of Pakistan.

‘Character, Courage and Competence’ are his 3Cs .

His policies and decisions revolved around it and with strong character and courage he took bold steps and decisions by keeping Pakistan First, withstand them and achieved the targets. General Raheel Sharif has set high legacy for his successors.


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