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Muniba Mazari – Courageous and hopeful in the face of disability

There are some people in this world who fight an unseen battle within themselves 24/7, with a big smile on their face. They never cry nor whine about the intricacies of life. They know how to keep themselves happy and away from anxiety at all times. We call such people warriors because they know the value of life and how to derive the most from it. They know how to face the difficulties of life no matter how immense they may be. These type of people are way better than those who just exist in the world, not knowing the purpose of life itself.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazai, a 27-year old girl is one of these people, who fights an unseen battle within herself, never losing her smile. At the age of 21, she had a car accident. She was travelling to her hometown Rahim Yar Khan from a remote area of Balochistan. Her car fell into a ditch. As a result of this atrocious accident, half of her body was crushed and the remaining half was paralyzed. This forced Muniba to use a wheel chair, which has now become a part of her life. This accident helped Muniba explore the artist in her. She is an accomplished artist now. In other words, the accident was a blessing in disguise for Muniba.

Muniba Mazari

She is not only an artist but a wheelchair bound-model too. She has done modeling for Toni&Guy which makes her Pakistan’s first wheelchair-bound model. She is also the brand ambassador of The Body Shop Pakistan. Not only this, she recently hosted a Ramazan show on PTV. Just imagine a physically challenged girl doing all this and creating history. Amazing, to say the least!

Muniba Mazari

Muniba’s beautiful smile and positive thoughts often pale her wheelchair into inconsequentiality. In a society which considers disability as some kind of misery, Muniba has risen as a courageous lady and become an emblem of dignity and fortitude. She has been peeling light on the dark areas of Pakistani society. Muniba has dedicated her life in service of others and she cares about the needs of other people more than her own.  She is generous and a compassionate lady who loves to help the others. Her positive attitude is the reason why people get attracted towards her.

Muniba Mazari

The inner beauty of Muniba shines through her personality, which also has enlightened her surroundings. She is beautiful spiritually and physically. God has blessed her with this tremendous talent to inspire others through her art, smile and voice. She has made the wheelchair her plus point because people look up with pride at her accomplishments. Despite being a paraplegic, Muniba has left many people behind who are not physically challenged but had no aim or vision.

Muniba is a true inspiration for every one of us. When I first came to know about her my heart was filled with respect and admiration for this brave girl. Her speech in an event organized by TEDx talk made me a big fan of her. In her speech, Muniba gave everyone a message of hope and not to give up on life. She emphasized to be grateful for what you have in this life and don’t whine for the little things in life which you don’t have.

Muniba Mazari

I wish Muniba gets whatever she wishes and strives for in life. Miracles do happen and I hope a miracle will happen which will make Muniba able to walk again.

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